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Political Moonshine, I hate to say it, but I agree with you.

At the bottom, it is China. But those WEFer's think they are gonna be allowed to maintain their

wealth and lifestyles by "working alongside" China. Hahahahahahahaha. Stop it, my stomach hurts...

What were they promised, do you know? Because they are all gaijin....

Isn't it amazing how money can buy almost everyone? Politicians scientists, a war......

It was so much easier than they thought.

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I wish this moonshine would knock me out. Consciousness is painful.

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Here is a first hand report from a few hours ago, Lahaina Maui.

Drove by burn zone. 4 Gubmint SUV's part about 200 yards apart to hassle anyone stopping to take pics or vids. They are very aggressive. There are 3 highway exits to Lahaina. The burn zone is after the first. Before there is no evidence of any fire. On the mountain side of highway you can see a burned out neighborhood, on the Ocean side a huge line of site blocking black fence constructed.

The burn zones highly targeting. NONE of the upper middle class wealthy neighborhoods hit, none.

They burned the locals and working class out. Major media is a lie fest... I suspect advanced weaponry used, definitely not a Dora wildfire rain less hurricane.

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Spot on!

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China has included in warfare all of the things average people can’t see: cyber, biological, information, quantum communications, space. It’s about time, well, way past time, American analysts read The Art of War. I’m absolutely frustrated with Americans freely giving away all of their information over the internet. No VPN, stupid passwords, and relying on google for everything. De-googling should be your first task. Don’t know how? Just google it… sigh.

Last point, China has been building a vast space presence over the past few years. They are treading on creating the Kessler Syndrome where space will become unusable because of collisions and the junk created. So far, our mighty Space Force is watching and hiding behind over classified information. Our space policy is crap.

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What are your thoughts on China actually being much weaker than reported.

Demographic changes from the One Child policy taking their population from 1.3 billion to 600-800 million in less than ten years?

Their substantial Navy numbers being regional capable, but not international capable?

Their food supply being extremely fragile and dependent upon fertilizer supplies that could be cut off in one growing season?

Their unsustainable economic growth rates coming back to reality as their population modernized so rapidly that they don't have enough intellectually capable adults to manage their infrastructure?

These are some "facts" I heard from another "expert" that seemed credible based on the numbers he was sharing.

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Not to mention the Chinese satellites that have been known to be above Maui at the same time as the fires.

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Indeed the maskers are back, there are stupid people. The numbers however are dwindling though this will never be admitted in the fake news. Hence we have subs. This is where the action is for the informed. Please do not forget that the American Revolution was won with 4% support.

Quaxcine refusal is now common. The peeps ain't having it, and the evildoers are floundering. The fake installments are exposed. Smartmatic was just indicted by the DOJ. It ain't biz as usual...

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"For those that didn’t learn their history, you’re encroaching on repeating it." What if the history we learned is full of half-truths and lies? What do you know about the Alabama Claims Affair and the 1871 Treaty of Washington? If the U.K. really claimed to be neutral during the U.S. Civil War, why were agents of the Confederate states able to make contracts for ships that were built within the United Kingdom?









Is there a second U.S. Constitution?

This video (on YouTube) popped up in a recent search for Organic Act of 1871.


I saved this over two years ago.


This channel usually posts about EMF, ELF, wireless tissue engineering, and such. He locates some amazing information on that topic.

Why would Biden renew E.O. 13848?



Who is really in control in China? What role does the U.K. have in the cabal?

I certainly appreciate your work. I wonder if you might pivot a bit and speak about the history we do not learn in the current education system.

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I don't know about World War 3 and Fifth Generation Warfare and where it all leads. It would be a shame if after all the bullshit of the last three years we've been through the long sought but never found cure for the common cold, Ivermectin, was lost to posterity in the shit storm of facts and lies.

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What if the common cold is just the body ridding itself of toxins not easily released because of how we treat our bodies?

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